Now, more than ever, the world needs storytellers. We need stories to help us understand our communities and our world. We need stories to inform, to enlighten, to dispel untruths. We need clear voices that can be a beacon in both the best and worst of times. 

I have cultivated a diverse set of skills over the decade-plus that I have worked in film and video. I am a skilled researcher, writer, and chaser of leads. I am a craftsman behind the camera, making sure that every image I capture tells a story in composition, style, and action. I am confident working solo and being part of a team. 

Within every news package I have produced, every film I have directed, every video I have shot I have told a story. They are stories about people and places. They are stories about our shared experiences: the euphoric, the tragic, and everything in-between. Let me tell your story.

Do you think I will be a good fit for your project? Let me know! dave@davefran.co